Thursday, December 1, 2011

Start All The Clocks

"The whole range," they said.
Grief. Fear. Anger. Ennui.
But... Happiness?
Happiness? Seriously?

Even Joy?

My mind rebels as my heart turns.

Surely not Happiness.
It isn't right. Doesn't fit.
Does. Not. Belong. Here.

And yet... Here it is.

The love of friends.
Sudden, unexpected humour.
Beauty, so rich it feeds my soul.

Perhaps life just continues.

Perhaps Auden's clocks don't stop.
Perhaps there is space for mirth.
For laughter, love, and yes...

Even Happiness.

This is Reality.

This Sometimes Joy.
I will hold to it. Live it. Accept it.
Yes. The whole range.

© Kit, 1 December 2011