Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Healing Pain

Hollowed out. Empty. Numb.
She hides from the horror,
But knows she will be found.
Inevitably, the memory will return.

She sleeps.
Guarding her heart, despairing
Despondent, Disconsolate.
An unavailing attempt to escape the past.

The ache in her chest spreads.
Awakens her again.
Threatens to crack.
To break her.

A pharmacopeia beside her,
She seeks slumber's solace once more.
Fear pursues her into the arms of Hypnos.
Reality fades.

A temporary reprieve.

Sweet, gentle sleep. Bless├ęd slumber.
But, even then, she dreams.
Faceless fears clutch at her.
Nameless pain tears at her.

She wakes. And weeps.
Memory walks with Morpheus.
There is no defence for that.
No respite, no rest.

She breathes.

Slowly, she puts hand to chest.
Feels the ache.
Holds it. Owns it.
Allows it just to Be.

The healing pain begins.

© Kit, 29 November 2011