Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Letting Go

She can ride the thermals,
Spread her wings, glide.
Effortless, wonderful.
But warmth has gone,

And so she flaps.

She works hard to hold the sky. 
She fights to live aloft.
She wearies,
And keeps flapping,


Below water's top she sees it.

Dark predator shape moving.
She sees, remembers, understands.
And keeps flapping,

Weary and hungry,

A wave shows silver food,
Moving fast, slipping away.
The instant is here.
She folds.

Wings pressed tight to body,

She releases her hold on sky.
Stops flapping,
Folds her wings,
And plummets.

See the beauty and the courage
In that plummet.
See the trust in her Warrior Self.
See the divine Surrender.
Watch in awe.

What strength and grace,

To trust the 'verse,
To trust her Self,
Enough to Let Go.
To. Just. Let. Go.

We adore the glide, the grace.
That is her True Self.
We admire the flap, the fight.
That is her True Self.

Love also the plummet.

The surrender to the void.
That. Is. Her. True. Self. Too.

And there is no greater strength,

No more powerful choice,
No better courage,
Than that truth.
That trust.
Just. That.

© Kit, 31 January 2012